The meeting will be an important event in European pancreatology and related areas, where basic scientists and clinicians can exchange ideas and novel research findings, and also deepen their scientific knowledge. It provides the opportunity for participants to get first-hand information on new developments, current and future trends and will additionally provide an ideal opportunity for international networking. The venue at the Basic Medical Science Center of Semmelweis University sets the stage for science, clinical practice and industry to unite in professional advancement.

Such a meeting is not an unprecedented event in Hungary. In 1988, Professor Miklós Papp organized the EPC meeting in Budapest, just before the iron curtain fall off between West and East. Then we also had a very joyful and scientifically rich conference of the Club in Szeged in 2009. In 2017 we will attempt to get close to those events.

The conference will cover all hot basic science and clinical science topics that are in the scope of pancreatology, giving a good balance of the basic and the clinical side, and also emphasizing the mutuality of them. It will be organized around scientific symposia, invited lectures, oral sessions and poster sessions, all of this according to the rules of EPC.