8-9 Septembrie 2017



Dear colleagues and friends,

After  the  last year’s success, I am  delighted  to  welcome  you  to the 2017 Bucharest PancreaticFest, which will take place at the Crowne
Plaza Hotel in Bucharest, from the 8th to the 9th September.
The format of this event hasn’t changed: we’ll spend together two  days – one  dedicated  to  the  EUS Workshop  in pancreatic diseases, and the other to the Pancreatic Diseases Course.
The EUS Workshop  day will  be  devoted  to  live  case presentations transmitted  from  the  „Dr.  Carol  Davila”  Military Hospital  in  Bucharest,  spaced  out  by  state-of-the-art  lectures on hot  topics. We will strictly  follow  the guidelines  of the ESGE in order to fulfill a maximal educational benefit for the audience and, at the same time, maximize our  patients’ best interest.
Our 2017 guest faculty consists of international renowned endoscopists and pancreatologists, most of whom are already friends of ours and almost permanent guests: Peter Vilmann from Copenhagen,  Denmark,  Erwin  Santo from  Tel Aviv, Israel, and Radu Tutuian from Berne, Switzerland.
At the  same time,  endo-live  facilitates  close educational interactions between experts/faculty and attendants – so, please, take this  opportunity to ask  and share opinions and experience. Real time  video  transmissions from  the  Endoscopy unit  of the Emergency  Military   Hospital  are  broadcast  in  the Conference Center at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and will allow us two-way communication between  the  registrants  and  faculty  members. The talks scheduled between endo-live demonstrations will focus on practical issues.
The theme of the second day – the day devoted to Pancreatic
Diseases Course – is „Harmonizing Diagnosis and Treatment  of Pancreatic Diseases in Romania”. It is devoted to recent advanced in the standardization of diagnosis and management of common pancreatic diseases: pancreatic cancer, acute and chronic pancreatitis.  The invited  speakers  for  the  course  are: Mathias Lohr from  Stockholm,  Sweden, leader of Pancreas 2000 Course
8, 2016-2018, and coordinator of the Working Group for HaPanEu and Peter Hegyi from Szeged, Hungary, secretary of the European Pancreatic  Club. Mathias  Lohr  will  present  to  us the  meaning of Pancreas 2000, as Romania will organize Pancreas 2000 in Bucharest in October 2018. He will also give us an overview of the process of HaPanEu, which was just published in 2017 in the UEG Journal.
Local pancreatology  faculty members  will discuss the burning topic of chronic pancreatitis in 2017 in a dedicated session. In the 2017 programme, you can also find a special section devoted to Hungarian-Romanian collaborative projects coordinated by our friend Peter Hegyi. At the end of the Romanian-Hungarian session, in a separate room,  we will organize a meeting  for discussing in detail future  perspectives for a collaborative alliance and „Clinical trials and Registries”.

The entire local faculty looks forward to welcoming  you all again in Bucharest in September 2017. We will do our utmost  to make your visit an educational  one and also make sure that you will  take home  some new evidence-based  knowledge,  tips and tricks in pancreatology.

Yours sincerely,

Cristian Gheorghe
Scientific Coordinator of the Program

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