This is a very exciting program, with experts from 18 countries worldwide and Live demonstrations from  Italy (Milano, San Raffaele and Niguarda Hospital – Rome, Campus Biomedico University), Copenhagen (Herlev-Gentofte Hospital), Budapest (Semmelweis University), Hong Kong (Prince of Wales Hospital), Mumbai ( Global Hospital and SL Raheja Hospital), Cairo (Cairo University Hospital).

For many years we have problems for having audience in presence from many EGEUS Countries, but now they don’t have to fly or take permissions from the hospital administration: our Course is totally digital, online.

Now EGEUS offers for free to the members of the Romanian EUS Group (= EGEUS members), free for guys under 35 years and only 70 euros for ESGE individual members, a very impressive Live Course  We are speaking about endoscopists, gastroenterologists, not only endosonographers.  



This time Romanian endoscopists don’t need to fly in order to participate, all is made digital and available from home or from your own hospital